Loftus Family History Group

Loftus Family History Group meets every Thursday afternoon in Loftus Neighbourhood Library between 1:30 and 4:30pm.
Visitors and New Members are always welcome to drop in anytime.


The purpose of the group is to singly and collectively explore Family and Social History through the medium of the Internet. Who Do We Think We Are and Why Are We Here are frequent questions that we find surprising answers to!


There is no fee for membership of the group, nor any rank or status within it. We do have a tea-break at the mid-point of the session and occasionally we have tutor/mentor sessions to expand search techniques and other vital skills.


There is no requirement for any particular level of expertise, nor is there any requirement for computer skills. Although the sessions are computer-based, work is at your own pace.

This Web Site

This web site exists as a platform to develop the story-telling skills necessary to make Family and Social History merge into a description of life as our ancestors would have seen it.
It also tells the Family History using some of the standard tools of the trade; the Family Group Sheet and the Individual Data Sheet - albeit slightly simplified for web purposes.


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